What kind of artwork do you create?

We create three dimensional, abstract artwork that is primarily made of metal. The work ranges in size from small, table-top sculptures to very large-scale public art pieces.

How expensive is your artwork?

The prices range from $250 for small models all the way up to $50K for the really large sculptures. Prices are dependent on the size of the work and the materials used to make it.

Do you have an inventory of sculptures that can be purchased on the spot?

Yes, you can select work that already exists from our inventory. Or, you can select a design that you like and have a piece made in that style in any particular size. The work can also be found at www.voltzclarke.com

Do you work with clients to make custom artwork?

Yes, this is the preferred method for designing new work. Sculptures can be designed for a specific placement in the home, landscape, or office. In this case, the client can become an integral part of the design process.

How long does it take to make a sculpture?

Typically, there is a three week lead time for a new work. Depending on the scale of the sproject, there might be more or less time required to construct the sculpture.

Do you allow visitors to observe the work being made?

Yes, appointments can be made to schedule a visit to the workshop. You can see the sculpture in process and observe the methods of fabrication being used. In the case of a commission, a time-lapse video can be made as a record of how the artwork was made from start to finish.